Front Bumper Mounting Bracket

About this product

The Front Bumper Mounting Bracket (#52147-47010), a key part of the Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel system in Toyota vehicles, plays an essential role in securing the bumper to the vehicle's body. Its function is to provide a stable connection between these parts, distributing the force of any impact evenly to reduce damage. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for compatibility and come with the backing of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, Front Bumper Mounting Bracket (#52147-47010)s may corrode or wear down, diminishing their strength and integrity. If not replaced, a worn or damaged bracket can lead to the bumper detaching or moving out of position, potentially increasing the risk of damage in the event of a collision. By maintaining this part in good condition, the safety and integrity of the Front Fender Apron & Dash Panel system, and the vehicle as a whole, are sustained.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52147-47010

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