Front Mudguard Bracket Right Hand

About this product

The Front Mudguard Bracket Right Hand (#76641-60020), a vital part of the Hood & Front Fender system, is a body part that plays an essential role in maintaining the vehicle's cleanliness and integrity. This bracket acts as a support structure for the mudguard, which guards the vehicle against road debris and mud thrown by the wheels. Being a part directly in contact with dirt and grime, it's subject to wear and tear. Over time, a worn-out or broken Front Mudguard Bracket Right Hand (#76641-60020) may not effectively hold the mudguard, causing the mud and debris to hit and possibly damage other components. Consequently, periodic replacement is a must to maintain vehicle integrity. Always opt for genuine Toyota parts for perfect compatibility with your vehicle, and take advantage of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By maintaining the Front Mudguard Bracket Right Hand (#76641-60020) in optimal condition, you preserve not only the cleanliness but also the overall safety of your vehicle's operating system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76641-60020

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