Hood Stay Bracket Left Hand

About this product

The Hood Stay Bracket Left Hand (#53337-47010), a critical part of the Hood & Front Fender system, plays a pivotal role in supporting and securing the hood of the vehicle when it's opened. It's designed to hold the hood stay in place, preventing it from falling or moving, which could lead to potential damage or injury. Made with high-quality materials, the Toyota Hood Stay Bracket Left Hand (#53337-47010) offers robust stability and durability. Over time, due to wear and tear or exposure to the elements, the Hood Stay Bracket Left Hand (#53337-47010) may lose its strength and compromise the safety and functionality of the hood stay. This necessitates occasional replacement to maintain the integrity of your vehicle's hood system. Genuine parts from Toyota not only offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-functioning Hood Stay Bracket Left Hand (#53337-47010) contributes to the overall safety of your vehicle, allowing for secure, worry-free access to the engine bay when needed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 53301-28010;53337-28010;53301-95D00;53301-28030;53301-28020
Part Number 53337-47010

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