Inner Rear View Mirror Bracket

About this product

The Inner Rear View Mirror Bracket (#87811-50020), an essential electrical part in the Mirror system of Toyota vehicles, holds a crucial role in the operation of side view mirrors. It is the mechanism that supports the mirror, allowing for adjustments to optimize the driver's field of vision. Genuine Toyota parts such as these ensure perfect compatibility with your vehicle and are protected by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If this bracket becomes worn out or damaged, the mirror's position may be compromised, potentially reducing visibility and increasing the risk of accidents. Regular replacement of this part is necessary to maintain optimal visibility and safety. In conclusion, the Inner Rear View Mirror Bracket (#87811-50020) not only contributes to the overall efficiency of the Mirror system but also significantly enhances the safety of the vehicle by providing a secure and adjustable support for the side view mirrors.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87811-50020

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