Oil Filter Bracket

About this product

The Oil Filter Bracket (#15671-38010), an essential component in the Engine-Fuel part category, serves a primary role in the Oil Filter System. It holds the oil filter in place, facilitating smooth and uninterrupted oil flow during engine operation. Genuine Toyota Autoparts, like the Oil Filter Bracket (#15671-38010), align perfectly with your vehicle, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The periodic replacement of the Oil Filter Bracket (#15671-38010) is essential. With time, it can become worn out, broken or clogged, which hinders the oil filter operation and affects the overall engine's efficiency. Neglecting its replacement could lead to detrimental effects, including compromised oil flow and potential engine damage. By maintaining the correct position of the oil filter, the bracket promotes efficient oil circulation and contributes to the engine's overall performance and safety. Hence, it's crucial to opt for genuine parts for optimal compatibility and assurance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15671-38010

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