Oscillator Electrical Key Bracket

About this product

The Oscillator Electrical Key Bracket (#89966-08020), a crucial part in Toyota's Wireless Door Lock System, has a key role in transmitting signals that lock or unlock your vehicle's doors. As an electrical part, it oscillates to create a specific waveform which is then transmitted as a unique code to the door lock receiver. Over time, this part may wear down or become damaged, causing issues with the proper functioning of your wireless door lock. This could leave you unable to secure your vehicle properly, posing a security risk. Therefore, regular replacement of this part is vital to maintain the optimal operation of your vehicle's wireless lock system. Using genuine Toyota auto parts for replacements not only ensures compatibility with your vehicle but also provides you with the security of Toyota’s genuine parts warranty. With a properly functioning Oscillator Electrical Key Bracket (#89966-08020), your wireless door lock system operates efficiently and safely, contributing to the overall security of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89966-08020

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