Relay Bracket

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The Relay Bracket (#85999-33160), a crucial auto part of the Switch & Relay & Computer system, functions as a pillar of electrical support. This component holds relays securely in place, aiding the smooth operation of the electrical system within your Toyota vehicle. The Relay Bracket (#85999-33160) is fundamental as it ensures that the relays are correctly positioned and stable, enabling them to transmit electric signals without interruption. With time and use, this part can become worn or even break, which can lead to the misalignment of relays, causing potential disruption to the electrical system. Aging Relay Bracket (#85999-33160)s should be promptly replaced with genuine Toyota parts to maintain vehicle compatibility. Remember, genuine Toyota parts benefit from Toyota's genuine parts warranty for your peace of mind. The Relay Bracket (#85999-33160) significantly contributes to the overall efficiency of your vehicle's electrical system, supporting the safe and seamless operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85999-33160

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