Rear Bumper Arm Bracket Left Hand

About this product

The Rear Bumper Arm Bracket Left Hand (#58356-47010), a critical component within the Side Member system, is responsible for securing the vehicle's front and rear bumpers. These brackets, like any other body part, are subject to wear and tear, and require periodic replacement to maintain optimal performance. Ignoring signs of damage, aging, or clogging may lead to the bumper becoming loose or detached, posing potential safety hazards. Installing genuine Toyota components such as the Rear Bumper Arm Bracket Left Hand (#58356-47010) assures vehicle compatibility and offers the added security of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A well-maintained Rear Bumper Arm Bracket Left Hand (#58356-47010) complements the overall efficiency and safety of the Side Member system, ensuring the vehicle's bumpers are firmly secured and function as intended.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58356-47010

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