Side Rear Step Bracket Right Hand

About this product

The Side Rear Step Bracket Right Hand (#66437-04010), a critical component in Toyota's Rear Body Side Panel system, plays a primary role in supporting the side steps, aiding ingress and egress from the vehicle. As part of its function, it connects the side step to the body of the car ensuring stability and safety for passengers. The virtue of this part is not constant, as it can wear over time or even break due to excessive strain, possibly leading to loose or unstable side steps. This may risk passenger safety while entering or exiting the vehicle. By opting for Toyota's genuine parts, you reap the benefit of perfect compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Not to forget, these parts come with the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The contribution of a properly functioning Side Rear Step Bracket Right Hand (#66437-04010) to the overall operation and safety of your vehicle is significant, marking its place as an integral component in the Rear Body Side Panel system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 66437-YY010
Part Number 66437-04010

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