Flexible Hose Bracket Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Flexible Hose Bracket Sub-Assembly (#31406-0T020) is an integral Drive-Chassis part within the Transmission Case & Oil Pan (Atm) system. Its primary role is to support and stabilize flexible hoses in the system, preventing them from unnecessary movement and possible damage during operations. The part involves sturdy brackets and supports, designed for optimal compatibility when used with genuine Toyota parts. Like any other part, the Flexible Hose Bracket Sub-Assembly (#31406-0T020) needs periodic replacement. Notably, if it becomes old, clogged, or broken, it could lead to hose instability, leaks, or even system failure. Genuine Toyota parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering quality assurance and peace of mind. In conclusion, the Flexible Hose Bracket Sub-Assembly (#31406-0T020) plays a significant role in enhancing the system's efficiency and safety, securing hoses and ensuring seamless transmission of fluids within the system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 31406-0T020

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