Lower Arm Bracket Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Lower Arm Bracket Sub-Assembly (#48075-42050), a vital component in the Front Axle Arm & Steering Knuckle system, plays a crucial role in the Drive-Chassis of your Toyota vehicle. This part is primarily responsible for securing the steering knuckle and front axle arm, providing stability and alignment. As part of its routine function, the Lower Arm Bracket Sub-Assembly (#48075-42050) endures a great deal of strain and, over time, may wear down or become damaged. Failure to replace this component in a timely manner could lead to malalignment, causing handling difficulties, or even resulting in a potential safety hazard. Opting for a genuine Toyota Lower Arm Bracket Sub-Assembly (#48075-42050) ensures perfect compatibility with your vehicle and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This component essentially contributes to the overall efficiency and safe operation of your vehicle, maintaining the precise handling and maneuverability that Toyota is known for.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 48075-42011;48075-42010
Part Number 48075-42050

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