Receiver Hitch Bracket Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Receiver Hitch Bracket Sub-Assembly (#51908-04010) is a crucial component in the Frame system, playing a central role in supporting the towing capacity of the vehicle. As a Body part, it's specifically designed to secure the hitch receiver to the frame, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for towing applications. This part, alongside related components like the hitch receiver and tow hook, forms a robust assembly that facilitates safe and efficient towing. The Receiver Hitch Bracket Sub-Assembly (#51908-04010), just like other parts, undergoes regular wear and tear and requires periodic replacement to maintain peak performance. An old or damaged bracket can compromise the overall stability and safety of the towing system, leading to potential failures or accidents. A genuine Toyota Receiver Hitch Bracket Sub-Assembly (#51908-04010) is optimal for vehicle compatibility and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Its quality design and manufacture contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the system it is installed in.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51908-04010

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