Switch Bracket

About this product

The Switch Bracket (#84113-0E030) is a vital component in the Switch & Relay & Computer system category of Toyota Autoparts. Its primary function is to provide stable support and positioning for the switch and relay units, thereby ensuring accurate, timely, and efficient electrical signal transmission within the vehicle's computer system. The Switch Bracket (#84113-0E030)’s effectiveness diminishes with time due to its exposure to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. If not replaced, a faulty bracket can lead to misalignments, resulting in inaccurate signals, and can even cause system-wide malfunctions. Genuine Toyota parts are compatible with the vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This provides assurance of their quality and durability. Ultimately, the Switch Bracket (#84113-0E030) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the system, ensuring that electrical signals are transmitted accurately and timely, keeping the vehicle running smoothly and safely.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 84113-48020
Part Number 84113-0E030

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