Tonneau Cover Stopper Bracket

About this product

The Tonneau Cover Stopper Bracket (#64939-04010), a crucial Body part in the Cover Top system, plays a vital role in securely maintaining the position of the Tonneau cover while the vehicle is in motion. This bracket functions as a mechanical stopper, preventing the cover from moving excessively and potentially damaging both the cover and the vehicle's cargo area. With time and usage, the bracket can degrade, become misshapen, or break, leading to a malfunctioning Cover Top system. This could result in an unsecured Tonneau cover, potentially causing damage to the vehicle or its contents. Hence, periodic replacement of this part is essential. Always opt for genuine Toyota parts for seamless compatibility with your vehicle. These genuine parts, including the Tonneau Cover Stopper Bracket (#64939-04010), are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, this bracket is a significant contributor to the operational efficiency and safety of your Toyota's Cover Top system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64939-04010

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