Vacuum Sensor Bracket

About this product

The Vacuum Sensor Bracket (#89426-13020), an important electrical part in Toyota's Electronic Fuel Injection System, holds and safeguards the vacuum sensor. This element plays a fundamental role in monitoring the pressure levels within the system, thus ensuring optimal fuel-air mixture and combustion efficiency. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended to maintain compatibility and come with Toyota's backing under their genuine parts warranty. Over time, the bracket can wear out or break, potentially leading to sensor misalignment or damage. If this occurs, the sensor's accuracy may be compromised, potentially impacting the vehicle's fuel efficiency and emissions performance. Regular inspection and timely replacement of this component are crucial. Ultimately, the Vacuum Sensor Bracket (#89426-13020) contributes to the vehicle's overall performance and environmental efficiency. By securely holding the vacuum sensor, it aids in maintaining the balance of the fuel-air mixture, leading to smoother operations and cost-effective fuel consumption.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89426-13020

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