Wiring Harness Clamp Bracket

About this product

The Wiring Harness Clamp Bracket (#82715-04270), an integral electrical component in the Wiring & Clamp system of a Toyota vehicle, serves a crucial role in holding and securing the wiring harness in place. This genuine Toyota auto part ensures compatibility and functionality, playing a pivotal role in preventing vibrations or movement that can lead to wiring damage or disconnections. With time and usage, this bracket may become worn or damaged, and its replacement becomes necessary. If not replaced, the wiring harness could potentially become loose, leading to erratic vehicle behavior or electrical failures, which can compromise safety and performance. By maintaining the correct placement and stability of the wiring harness, the Wiring Harness Clamp Bracket (#82715-04270) promotes the overall efficiency of the electrical system. Additionally, it’s backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing added peace of mind to our customers.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 82715-04270

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