Brake Hose Rear

About this product

The Brake Hose Rear (#90118-WA636) is a vital component in the Brake Tube & Clamp system, a category within Drive-Chassis parts. This hose is primarily responsible for transferring brake fluid under pressure from the master cylinder to the rear wheel cylinders or caliper pistons, activating the brake pads or shoes for stopping the vehicle. Over time, the Brake Hose Rear (#90118-WA636) can wear out, become clogged or even rupture, leading to a loss of hydraulic pressure and a significant decrease in braking efficiency. The use of genuine Toyota Autoparts for replacement ensures compatibility with your vehicle and is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failing to replace this part when necessary can result in reduced braking power, posing a safety risk. Hence, the Brake Hose Rear (#90118-WA636) is essential for maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle's braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WA636

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