About this product

The Bulb (#90011-01065), an integral auto part of Toyota's Switch & Relay & Computer system, plays a pivotal role in the vehicle’s electrical system operation. The Bulb (#90011-01065) illuminates to signal various vehicle statuses or alerts, from headlights and indicator lights to dashboard warning lights. When a bulb becomes worn out, broken, or non-functional, the communication of these critical vehicle functions can be compromised, potentially leading to safety concerns or vehicle damage. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota bulbs is crucial. These genuine bulbs are not only designed for compatibility with Toyota vehicles, but are also protected by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A non-functional bulb could lead to poor visibility, misunderstood vehicle status, or unnoticed alerts. Thus, a functional bulb enhances both the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90011-01065

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