About this product

The Bulb (#90981-13085), an essential electrical part within the headlamp system of a Toyota vehicle, serves a crucial role in ensuring visibility during nighttime driving and in poor weather conditions. This genuine Toyota auto part illuminates the road and enhances the driver's visibility, making it safer for the driver and fellow road users. As the bulb ages, its luminosity diminishes, reducing road visibility and increasing the likelihood of accidents. Therefore, periodic replacement is necessary. Failure to replace a degraded bulb could result in a blown bulb and loss of headlight function, compromising safety. Genuine Toyota bulbs are particularly recommended as they are compatible with your vehicle's headlamp system and come with a genuine parts warranty from Toyota. The Bulb (#90981-13085) contributes significantly to the safety and efficiency of a vehicle's headlamp system by ensuring optimal illumination and visibility.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90981-13085

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