About this product

As a vital component within the Fog Lamp system, the Bulb (#90981-WD017) serves a primary role in providing increased visibility during adverse weather conditions. This electrical part illuminates through the passage of electric current, casting bright light onto foggy or low-light roads. Due to the nature of its operation, the Bulb (#90981-WD017) may gradually dim or entirely cease to function, necessitating regular replacement. A failing Bulb (#90981-WD017) could compromise the performance of the Fog Lamp system, reducing visibility and potentially endangering the vehicle's occupants. By opting for genuine Toyota Autoparts, compatibility with your vehicle is optimized. Moreover, using genuine parts affords owners the security of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Bulb (#90981-WD017)'s contribution to safety and efficiency is undeniable; a fully functional Fog Lamp system, complete with a genuine Toyota Bulb (#90981-WD017), significantly enhances visibility, thereby promoting safer driving conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90981-WD017

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