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The Bulb (#99132-11210), a crucial auto part in Toyota's Electrical Systems, serves a primary role in several lighting systems such as the Back Up Lamp, Center Stop Lamp, Front Turn Signal Lamp, Headlamp, Rear Combination Lamp, and Rear Fog Lamp systems. As a light source, it enhances visibility and signals to other drivers, playing a key role in vehicle safety. Genuine Toyota Bulb (#99132-11210)s offer high compatibility with your vehicle and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The bulb illuminates by converting electrical energy into light and heat, thus enabling clear visibility. However, over time, it can dim or burn out, necessitating periodic replacement. Failure to replace a non-functional or dim bulb can affect visibility and signaling, leading to potential safety hazards. Hence, maintaining fully functional bulbs optimizes the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's lighting systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 81520-37050;81550-05050;81550-05051;81550-05060;81550-05061;81550-05070;90981-WC006;99132-11210-75;90981-TD003;90080-81108;90080-81093;90080-81092;90080-81091;90049-51165;81550-52710;81560-05050;81560-05051;81560-05060;81560-05061;81560-05070;81560-05080;81560-05090;81590-05080;90049-51062;9004B-81015;81560-05100;81560-05110;81560-52630;81560-52640;81580-05010;81580-05020;81580-05040;81580-05050;81580-05070;81580-05080;81590-05010;81590-05020;81550-52730;81590-05040;81550-05080;81550-05090;81550-05100;81550-05110;81590-05070;81590-05050;81590-05030;90080-81090 More
Part Number 99132-11210

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