Lic Plate Lamp Bulb

About this product

The Lic Plate Lamp Bulb (#00234-00089), a critical auto part from Toyota Autoparts, illuminates the license plate in the Electrical Rear Combination Lamp and Electrical Rear License Plate Lamp systems. As the bulb is lit, it allows visibility of the license plate, essential for safety and legal compliance. This bulb, like any other automotive bulb, will eventually wear out and thus requires periodic replacement. Failure to do so can lead to a non-functioning license plate light, which may result in legal issues or decreased safety during night-time driving. Genuine Lic Plate Lamp Bulb (#00234-00089)s from Toyota are endorsed with the company's genuine parts warranty, ensuring vehicle compatibility and reliable performance. The role of this bulb is crucial to maintaining the overall efficiency of the lighting system, directly contributing to the vehicle's safe operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 00060-00089;90981-11003;90981-12001;90981-12004;90981-12012;99132-11075;99132-11080;99132-11100;99132-12004;99132-12080 More
Part Number 00234-00089

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