Bulb with Cap

About this product

The Bulb with Cap (#90010-03029), a critical component in the electrical system of Toyota vehicles, primarily functions to illuminate the meter system. This genuine auto part ensures accurate visibility of important vehicle information like speed, fuel levels, and engine warnings. When the Bulb with Cap (#90010-03029) becomes aged or non-functional, it could lead to poor visibility of meter readings, possibly causing unsafe driving conditions. Regular replacement of this part is vital, as a broken or old Bulb with Cap (#90010-03029) can create an unclear view of the car's meter system, increasing the risk of not correctly interpreting vehicle data. Genuine Toyota parts like the Bulb with Cap (#90010-03029) are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty and are designed specifically for compatibility with Toyota vehicles. In summary, the Bulb with Cap (#90010-03029) plays an integral role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of Toyota vehicles by ensuring meter readings are clearly visible at all times.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90010-03029

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