Hood Bulge Assembly

About this product

The Hood Bulge Assembly (#76180-0C030-A1), a significant part in the Hood & Front Fender system, is essentially meant to augment the vehicle's external aesthetics and contribute to aerodynamics. This Toyota Autoparts body part accommodates ventilation, which is crucial in managing engine heat whilst in operation. The assembly's role is to aid the efficient flow of air, reducing drag, and promoting better fuel efficiency. As with other parts, the Hood Bulge Assembly (#76180-0C030-A1) may wear down over time or become damaged due to environmental factors or accidents. If left unattended, an old or broken assembly may adversely affect the vehicle's aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended for optimum compatibility and performance. All genuine parts are backed by Toyota's Genuine Parts Warranty, offering peace of mind with each purchase. An effective Hood Bulge Assembly (#76180-0C030-A1) not only improves your vehicle's appearance but also its efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 76180-0C030-A1
Color Number 089
Color Name Platinum White Pearl Mc.

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