Bus Interface 12X

About this product

The Bus Interface 12X (#90118-WA863) is a crucial electrical part in Toyota's Switch & Relay & Computer system. Its primary role is to manage communication between various parts of your vehicle's electrical system, facilitating smooth and efficient operations. This part plays a vital role with the engine control unit (ECU), transmission control unit (TCU), and other essential onboard systems. Being a genuine Toyota part, the Bus Interface 12X (#90118-WA863) is fully compatible with your vehicle, offering optimal performance and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, due to constant use, this part can wear down or become compromised. A damaged or non-functional Bus Interface 12X (#90118-WA863) could disrupt communication between systems, leading to inefficiencies or even potential safety issues. Therefore, a timely replacement of the Bus Interface 12X (#90118-WA863) is suggested to maintain the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's Switch & Relay & Computer system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90118-WA863

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