Bimetal Formed Bushing

About this product

The Bimetal Formed Bushing (#90384-16005), a crucial component in the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft system, plays a significant role in your Toyota's Drive-Chassis part. This technical piece maintains effective gear shifting by reducing friction and wear between moving parts, ensuring smooth vehicle operation. Genuine Toyota Bimetal Formed Bushing (#90384-16005)es help with vehicle compatibility and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, this part may wear out, become clogged, or break, resulting in diminished performance, gear selection issues, and even potential damage to other components. Therefore, periodic replacement is crucial to prevent these issues. The Bimetal Formed Bushing (#90384-16005)'s efficient operation contributes significantly to the vehicle's overall performance, promoting safety and longevity of the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft system. Trust only genuine Toyota parts to maintain your vehicle's optimum performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90384-16005

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