Door Handle Bushing

About this product

The Door Handle Bushing (#69239-30010), a crucial component within both the Body Front Door Lock & Handle system and the Body Rear Door Lock & Handle system, is designed to allow the door handle to operate smoothly. When the door handle is used, the bush provides a shield between the handle and the surrounding metal components, preventing direct metal-on-metal contact and reducing wear. Over time, the Door Handle Bushing (#69239-30010) may wear out or become damaged, which can cause the door handle to function less effectively or even stop working altogether. Using genuine Toyota parts such as the Door Handle Bushing (#69239-30010) not only ensures perfect compatibility with your vehicle but also comes with the confidence of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Replacing this part as needed can prevent potential door handle malfunctions, contributing to both the efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69239-30010

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