Clearance Warning Buzzer

About this product

The Clearance Warning Buzzer (#89343-30010), an essential electrical part in Toyota's Clearance & Back Sonar system, plays a crucial role in enhancing vehicle safety. It emits an audible warning when your car gets too close to an object, thereby preventing potential collisions. This buzzer operates by processing signals from the sonar sensors, which are strategically positioned around the vehicle. Genuine parts such as the Clearance Warning Buzzer (#89343-30010) are specifically designed for optimal compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Additionally, they are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing you with peace of mind. Over time, the buzzer may wear out or become less effective due to age, damage or technical faults. A malfunctioning buzzer can potentially lead to unnoticed obstacles and accidents, emphasizing the need for its periodic replacement. Ultimately, the Clearance Warning Buzzer (#89343-30010) contributes significantly to safe driving by serving as an extra pair of eyes on the road.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 89343-30010

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