Cable Assembly Rear #1 Seat Lock

About this product

The Toyota Cable Assembly Rear #1 Seat Lock (#72620-0E050), a crucial component in the Rear Seat & Seat Track system, primarily secures the car seat in its track. When the lock is engaged, the cable restricts the seat from moving, ensuring vehicular safety. Over time, this essential Body part may wear down, posing potential safety risks, such as the seat becoming loose when the vehicle is in motion. A non-functional Cable Assembly Rear #1 Seat Lock (#72620-0E050) could also lead to mechanical issues within the Seat Track system, impairing the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Toyota encourages the use of genuine parts for superior vehicle compatibility, and our parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Regular maintenance and replacement of this part is critical for maintaining the vehicle's safety and efficiency. The Cable Assembly Rear #1 Seat Lock (#72620-0E050)'s role is pivotal in providing a secure and safe driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 72620-48060
Part Number 72620-0E050

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