Slide Door Lock Remote Control Cable Assembly

About this product

The Slide Door Lock Remote Control Cable Assembly (#69730-08020) is a crucial component within the Rear Door Lock & Handle system of any Toyota vehicle. This body part allows users to remotely lock and unlock the car’s sliding doors, offering both accessibility and security. As the cable assembly wears over time, the remote door locking mechanism may become less reliable or even non-functional. Genuine Toyota parts like this maintain vehicle compatibility and longevity, and are backed by Toyota's parts warranty. Opting for a non-genuine replacement part could potentially cause the remote door lock system to malfunction, compromising the overall security of your vehicle. In conclusion, the Slide Door Lock Remote Control Cable Assembly (#69730-08020) plays a vital role in the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle by maintaining the remote functionality of the door locking system. Regular replacement of this part keeps your vehicle secure and helps to prevent potential door lock malfunctions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 69730-08020

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