Motor Cable

About this product

The Motor Cable (#G1148-52010), a crucial Drive-Chassis component in the Transaxle Assy(Hv Or Ev Or Fcv) system, helps transmit electrical power to the motor. It operates by relaying the necessary electrical energy from the battery to the motor, hence playing a pivotal role in the vehicle's mobility. Over time, the Motor Cable (#G1148-52010) may deteriorate, and if it becomes old, broken, or non-functional, it can disrupt the vehicle's operation, leading to power transmission failures, poor performance, and even system breakdown. Periodic replacement with genuine Toyota Autoparts is recommended to uphold compatibility and performance, all backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the Motor Cable (#G1148-52010) is vital for efficient motor operation and contributes significantly to the safety and reliability of the Transaxle Assy system in which it is installed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number G1148-52010

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