Spiral Cable Sub-Assembly with Sensor

About this product

The Spiral Cable Sub-Assembly with Sensor (#84307-0T010) is a key part of the Switch & Relay & Computer system in Toyota automobiles. This electrical part's primary function is to maintain continuous electrical connectivity to the airbags, horn, and other steering wheel mounted controls while allowing the steering wheel to rotate. The Spiral Cable Sub-Assembly uses an intricate ribbon cable wound around a spindle to ensure that the electrical connections remain intact regardless of the steering wheel's position. Over time, due to the constant winding and unwinding, this cable can wear out or break. If this happens, it can lead to the loss of functionality of safety equipment such as airbags, potentially compromising the safety of the vehicle's occupants. Toyota's genuine Spiral Cable Sub-Assembly with Sensor (#84307-0T010) is designed specifically for compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Moreover, this genuine part is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The replacement of this part when needed is crucial to the overall efficiency, safety, and functionality of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 84307-0T010

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