Toe Adjust Cam Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Toe Adjust Cam Sub-Assembly (#48409-34020), a pivotal Drive-Chassis part in the Front Spring & Shock Absorber system, plays a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle's alignment. This component allows for precise adjustments to the toe angle, thus ensuring accurate steering and optimized tire wear. Proper alignment and balance directly contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle. However, like all mechanical parts, the Toe Adjust Cam Sub-Assembly (#48409-34020) can degrade over time. A worn, broken, or non-functioning toe adjuster can lead to misalignment, resulting in uneven tire wear and potentially compromised handling. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, you're opting for guaranteed compatibility and the added reassurance of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. These parts are designed to maintain the performance and integrity of your vehicle. In sum, the Toe Adjust Cam Sub-Assembly (#48409-34020) is essential to ensuring optimal handling, tire longevity, and overall vehicle safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 48409-34020

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