Intake Camshaft Sub-Assembly Right Hand

About this product

The Toyota Intake Camshaft Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#13501-50050), a key component in the Camshaft & Valve system, plays a significant role in controlling how your engine breathes. It opens the intake valves at the precise moment to let in air and fuel, then closes them at the right instant for optimum combustion. This crucial timing affects engine performance and efficiency. When this part gets old or broken, it can lead to performance issues like reduced power and fuel efficiency, or even unwanted engine damage. Hence, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended for optimal compatibility with your vehicle. Remember, these original parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Using a fresh Intake Camshaft Sub-Assembly Right Hand (#13501-50050) from Toyota helps your engine operate at its best, providing the necessary power while optimizing fuel economy, contributing significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 13501-50050

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