Oil Filler Cap Assembly

About this product

The Toyota Oil Filler Cap Assembly (#12180-73011), a key component in the Engine-Fuel Cylinder Head and Engine-Fuel Ventilation Hose systems, serves a crucial role. It ensures the sealed containment of engine oil, preventing leakage and unnecessary engine wear. This cap lets you fill your engine with oil while keeping contaminants out during operation. For maximum vehicle compatibility, using genuine parts, such as this, is advised. Without regular replacement, an old or damaged Oil Filler Cap Assembly (#12180-73011) may lead to oil leakage, the entry of debris into the engine, and a potential decrease in engine performance. Genuine parts from Toyota come backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, providing added assurance for users. The Oil Filler Cap Assembly (#12180-73011) ultimately contributes to the engine's efficiency, sustaining the vehicle's performance and safety. Remember, a well-maintained engine ensures driving pleasure and peace of mind.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 12180-11021;12180-75010;12180-73010;12180-11020
Part Number 12180-73011

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