Door Trim Retainer Cap

About this product

The Door Trim Retainer Cap (#67772-20021), a crucial component in the Front Door Panel & Glass system of your Toyota vehicle, plays an integral role in maintaining the stability and functionality of the door trim. This part secures the door trim in place and prevents it from dislodging during movement or operation, thereby preserving the aesthetics and durability of the vehicle's interior. If the Door Trim Retainer Cap (#67772-20021) becomes old, damaged, or non-functional, it can compromise the secure fitting of the door trim, causing it to loosen or rattle. This could lead to further damage to the trim and potentially the door itself. Therefore, periodic replacement of this part is recommended. Genuine Toyota parts are designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, enhancing compatibility and performance. They are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering added assurance of quality and reliability. By maintaining the integrity of the door trim, the Door Trim Retainer Cap (#67772-20021) contributes to the overall operational efficiency and safety of the Front Door Panel & Glass system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 67100-90351;67005-14011;67005-14010;67200-90351;67200-90353;67100-90353;67772-20020;67300-90351;67300-90353;67400-90351;67400-90353;67772-01010;67772-20010;67772-20011;90339-06011 More
Part Number 67772-20021

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