Receiver Hitch Flat Top Bolt Cap

About this product

The Receiver Hitch Flat Top Bolt Cap (#51999-04030) is a vital component of the Rear Bumper & Bumper Stay system in Toyota vehicles. This body part plays a key role in securing the hitch receiver, thus offering stability and safety during towing operations. It functions as a protective cover, preventing dirt, debris, and moisture from entering the bolt area, which could cause corrosion and compromise the hitch's integrity. This component, like others, is subject to wear and tear, so periodic replacement is necessary. If it becomes old or damaged, it could fail to protect the hitch bolt effectively, leading to potential rusting or weakening of the entire hitch assembly. Opting for genuine Toyota parts aids in maintaining vehicle compatibility and performance. These parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty for added peace of mind. The Receiver Hitch Flat Top Bolt Cap (#51999-04030)'s role is crucial in maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of the towing system, making it a valuable investment.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51999-04030

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