Roof Side Inner Garnish Cap Left Hand

About this product

The Roof Side Inner Garnish Cap Left Hand (#62477-04020-B0), a vital body part in Toyota's Inside Trim Board system, plays a crucial role in maintaining the interior aesthetics and integrity of your vehicle. This component primarily shields the inner structure of the roof side from external elements while offering a seamless finish to the cabin environment. Authentic Toyota parts, such as the Roof Side Inner Garnish Cap Left Hand (#62477-04020-B0), are designed for perfect compatibility with your Toyota vehicle. Moreover, they are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, giving you peace of mind. Over time, the Garnish Cap can wear, crack or break, potentially leaving the inner roof side exposed, leading to interior damage and an unsightly appearance. This could also potentially compromise the inside trim board system's overall efficiency and safety. By keeping this component in good working condition, you contribute to the well-maintained look of your vehicle's interior, as well as its overall safety and efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62477-04020-B0
Color Name Gray

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