Seat Stand Frame Cap

About this product

The Seat Stand Frame Cap (#72345-60030-B0) is an integral component of the Seat & Seat Track system in Toyota vehicles. This Body part plays a critical role in protecting the seat stand frame from damage and wear, thus contributing significantly to the durability and structural integrity of the system. Over time, the Seat Stand Frame Cap (#72345-60030-B0) may wear out or suffer damage, which could potentially expose the seat stand frame to undue stress or damage. When this occurs, it is essential to replace it with a genuine Toyota part to maintain vehicle compatibility and performance. Genuine parts from Toyota are backed by the company's comprehensive parts warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality. By preserving the seat stand frame, the Seat Stand Frame Cap (#72345-60030-B0) helps maintain the efficiency and safety of the Seat & Seat Track system, consequently enhancing the overall driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 72345-60030-B0

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