Radiator Cap Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Radiator Cap Sub-Assembly (#16401-62090), an essential component in the Radiator & Water Outlet system, plays a prominent role in controlling the pressure within the cooling system of the engine. This Toyota Autoparts component allows the coolant to circulate effectively while also providing a gateway for coolant overflow into the coolant reservoir. This function is crucial in maintaining optimal engine temperature. Periodic replacement of the Radiator Cap Sub-Assembly (#16401-62090) is mandatory as an aged, clogged or broken cap can lead to coolant leaks, overheating, or engine damage. Genuine Toyota parts are recommended for vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Radiator Cap Sub-Assembly (#16401-62090) adds to system efficiency by ensuring a properly pressurized and circulating coolant system, thus maintaining safe engine operation temperatures and prolonging the life of the engine.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 16304-0A010;16304-0A020
Part Number 16401-62090

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