Cargo Divider

Benefits of Picking Toyota Genuine Cargo Divider. Bed Cargo Divider. Components

Transport your tools and toys more safely and securely with the customized cargo divider. 

  • Slides along the Tacoma’s deck rail system to create the space to fit your needs
  • Rotates for various configurations including lying flat above cargo
  • Made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant, black-powder-coated aluminum
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35051;PT767-35162;PT767-35051 More
Part Number PT767-35200


Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. Not compatible with the factory Tonneau Cover.

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