Rear Floor Carpet Assembly

About this product

As a key component in the Floor Mat & Silencer Pad system, the Rear Floor Carpet Assembly (#58570-60A92-A3) primarily serves as a noise reducer and comfort enhancer. It's designed to fit perfectly within your Toyota, thanks to the genuine part's compatibility. Composed of thick, durable fabric, it absorbs the vibrations and sounds from the vehicle's operation, providing a quieter, smoother ride. Over time, the Rear Floor Carpet Assembly (#58570-60A92-A3) can wear down, leading to an increase in noise and decrease in comfort. Hence, periodic replacement is crucial to maintain the desired level of comfort and noise reduction. Genuine Toyota parts are supported by a comprehensive warranty, offering reassurance for your purchase. By effectively absorbing sound and vibrations, the Rear Floor Carpet Assembly (#58570-60A92-A3) contributes significantly to the vehicle's overall comfort and operational efficiency.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58570-60A92-A3
Color Name Flaxen

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