Carpet Cargo Mat

The Importance of Using Toyota Carpet Cargo Mat Genuine Parts

Designed specifically to help protect the 4Runner’s cargo area from premature wear, the cargo mat is color-coordinated to the vehicle’s interior and features acoustic properties that help block exterior noise and absorb interior sounds.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14;PT548-89030-14 More
TRAY With Tray
Part Number PT548-89032-14
THIRD ROW Without Third Row

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