Carpet Floor Mats

The Importance of Using Toyota Carpet Floor Mats Genuine Parts

Protects the original carpet from stains and excessive wear. Color matched to your vehicle's interior. Constructed of 14 oz. BCF nylon carpet featuring embroidered vehicle name, aggressive nibs and retention clip.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03;PT206-12032-03 More
Part Number PT206-12042-03
REAR HEATER Without Rear Heater
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