Carpet Floor Mats

Advantages of Choosing Toyota Genuine Carpet Floor Mats Components

Custom-tailored for an exact fit to your Yaris’s floor pattern, the carpet floor mats are constructed of high-grade plush nylon carpet and include an embroidered Yaris logo. The mats help protect your original carpet from premature wear and stains. They’re also removable and easy to clean.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11;PT206-52060-11 More
Part Number PT206-52100-18
COLOR Dark Charcoal
LOGO With Logo


To avoid interference with pedal operation:

  • Each mat must be secured with retention hooks (clips).
  • Do not install a floor mat on top of an existing floor mat.
  • This floor mat was designed specifically for use in this model and model year vehicle and SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle.
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