Carpet Trunk Mat

The Value of Utilizing Toyota Carpet Trunk Mat Genuine Parts

Color-coordinated and custom designed to protect the vehicle’s cargo area, the trunk mat is constructed of highly resilient, fade-resistant 6-6 nylon that resists oils and chemical for unsurpassed durability. Plus the rubber-backed construction helps prevent the mat from sliding.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10;PT206-47040-10 More
Part Number PT206-47060-14
COLOR Dark Bisque

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