Air Filter Case

About this product

The Air Filter Case (#88548-74010), an electrical part in the Heating & Air Conditioning - Cooler Unit system, is central to the function and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle. This component houses the air filter, protecting it from damage and ensuring it can effectively filter out harmful particles from the air entering the vehicle's HVAC system. Over time, the Air Filter Case (#88548-74010) can become worn or damaged, compromising the integrity of the contained air filter and potentially allowing contaminants to bypass the filter and enter the HVAC system. Replacement with a genuine Toyota part ensures compatibility and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Non-functional or aged parts can lead to decreased air quality within the cabin, impacting driver and passenger comfort and potentially exacerbating allergies or respiratory conditions. By maintaining the performance and longevity of your car's air filter, a well-functioning Air Filter Case (#88548-74010) contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota's HVAC system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88548-74010

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