Electric Vehicle Charger Assembly

About this product

The Electric Vehicle Charger Assembly (#G9090-0R011), an essential electrical component in the DC system, plays a pivotal role in charging the battery pack of your Toyota electric vehicle (EV). This assembly transforms AC power from your home or commercial charging station into DC power needed to charge your car's battery. With genuine auto parts like this charger assembly, compatibility with your vehicle is optimized, backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If neglected, an old or non-functioning charger assembly could significantly impact your EV's charging efficiency, potentially damaging your vehicle's battery over time. Regular inspection and timely replacement of the Electric Vehicle Charger Assembly (#G9090-0R011) is crucial for maintaining your EV's optimal performance and longevity. Finally, this charger assembly enhances the overall efficiency of your EV's charging system, effectively ensuring the safety and reliability of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) G9090-0R010
Part Number G9090-0R011

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