About this product

The Clamp (#90469-06005), a vital auto part in both the Body Fuel Tank & Tube system and the Body Hood Lock & Hinge system of Toyota vehicles, serves important roles. For the fuel system, the Clamp (#90469-06005) holds the fuel pipes in place, maintaining a tight seal to prevent leaks. In the hood hinge system, it secures the hood lock, contributing to vehicle safety. Failure to replace an old or broken Clamp (#90469-06005) can lead to fuel leaks or a faulty hood lock system, potentially causing unwanted scenarios on the road. Genuine Toyota Clamp (#90469-06005)s, besides providing perfect vehicle compatibility, are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, which provides additional peace of mind. In conclusion, the Clamp (#90469-06005) is a small but significant component that contributes to the efficiency and safety of Toyota vehicles. The regular replacement of this part is therefore essential for maintaining the optimal performance of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90469-06005

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