About this product

The Clamp (#90469-12012) is a crucial component in the Engine-Fuel Fuel Injection System and the Engine-Fuel Radiator & Water Outlet system of Toyota vehicles. It secures hoses and lines in place, ensuring a tight and leak-free connection for the safe and effective distribution of fuel and coolant. These clamps are highly reliable, made with excellent precision, and backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, Clamp (#90469-12012)s can wear out or lose their grip strength, possibly leading to leaks, drops in system pressure, and erratic performance. Replacing Clamp (#90469-12012)s regularly is essential to prevent potential system failures. Genuine Toyota Clamp (#90469-12012)s offer superior compatibility with your vehicle, allowing for optimum system performance and safety. This humble part, while often overlooked, plays a significant role in maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle's engine and cooling systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90469-12012

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